flyer3ABOUT US

MullerNewpac is a Spanish company dedicated to design, manufacture and maintenance of high efficient and advance technology paint lines. Our experience and know-how in surface treatment applies to plastic and metal parts, liquid and powder coating. Our equipment comply with the most demanding quality and environmental protection rules.

Our components and accessories grant optimal finishing.

We design, develop, manufacture, update and assemble:


icono circulo textoConventional and compact paint lines.

icono circulo textoPre-treatment tunnels or washers.

icono circulo textoDrying, polymerization, gelling and stripping ovens.

icono circulo textoPaint booths.

icono circulo textoHigh quality air chains for conveyors.

icono circulo textoSp.Oil - Oil separators.

icono circulo textoRED-OX SYSTEM - Water treatment equipment.


Our solutions are fully adapted to our customer’s real needs in means of productivity, energetic consumption, economic savings and profitability. Our equipment’s materials are completely recyclable, low environmental impact, low consumption and orientated to material re-use and resource optimisation (water, paint, pigments, chemicals, etc.). We specially look for reduction of operation costs, improvement of productivity efficiency and versatility. Our compromise will always be environmental protection, energetic savings and profitability.