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Our commitment with environmental protection has led us to develop a range of products that are energetic efficient and respectful with the environment:

icono circulo texto greentechSp.Oil: a high-efficiency oil separator for degreasing and phosphating baths that makes them last longer. This system diminishes considerably the chemical weathering thus the environmental impact of chemical waste.

icono circulo texto greentechRed-Ox System: this innovative water treatment plant enables to recover water from pre-treatment rinse cycles by means of an oxidation-reduction reaction. This equipment recovers used water without creating any waste as in physicochemical water treatment plants. Water can be reused without any environmental impact reducing water consumption drastically achieving “zero discharge”.

icono circulo texto greentechCobalt 2.0: drying and polymerisation ovens COBALT 2.0 are manufactured in ceramic material. They can achieve up to 40% energy savings compared to conventional ovens. These results are obtained thanks to the physical properties of ceramic materials and to an innovative high-efficiency air-recirculating system. Moreover they are 100% recyclable reducing even more environmental impact.

Our products are 100% recyclables, energetic high efficients and low environmental impact.